Arrive early:

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class is due to start. This will give you time to introduce yourself to the instructor if you're new (or say hi if you're a regular), pay, and have a few moments to settle on your mat and begin to unwind prior to the start of practice.

In the room:

Please remove shoes and socks as you enter and leave them by the door

Ensure your cell phone sound and vibrate are both turned off

Please do not wear strong fragrances

Some people may take the time prior to class to sit in silence and meditate or simply relax. Please keep this in mind and enjoy the peace and calm of the room.

During Practice


Yoga is all about breathing. Your instructor will guide you through the movements and their corresponding breath during the class. However if you're already feeling information overload concentrating on where to put your right foot, middle hand and left elbow let alone whether your supposed to be breathing in or out... relax! Matching breath to movement takes time and practice. Just be sure to breathe throughout the class. Over time you will become more comfortable with the poses and movements and as a result the breath will follow.

If it hurts, don't do it!

Need we say more??

No comparisons allowed:

Yoga is not about comparing yourself to others, or to a past you, or to the bendy yoga girls on instagram. Let go of what you think you should be able to do, and what you used to do and focus on what you are able to do today. We all have different strengths and limitations that can vary from day to day. Yoga class is a safe and positive place in which to practice without judgments or comparisons. Learn to practice with compassion and acceptance towards yourself and your own personal journey. 

Don't leave in śavāsana:

The scheduled class time will include śavāsana at the end (you will lay on your back with closed eyes and enjoy relaxation). This time is just as valuable as the physical practice of poses during the class. This is the time for your body and mind to fully relax and explore any physical and emotional feelings that have arisen during the class. For many students it is the only time in the day that they will be free of the demands of daily life and technology, and it is truly valuable. If you need to leave early, please notify the instructor prior to the start of the class as you will need to leave before śavāsana so as not to disturb others.