Mala necklaces and bracelets are a joy to wear, whether you are choosing one for yourself, or as a gift for a family member of friend, why not choose a custom mala to suit your style?!

041017 Mala 002resizeFossilized coral elastic mala (bracelet) with lava stone markers,
silver accents and a silver guru bead

When selecting a mala, it's important to find one that speaks to you energetically, but just as importantly you should love how it looks so that you look forward to using it and wearing it. 

Custom mala prices vary due to the semi-precious stones and metals used. I'm happy to help guide you throughout the process to find one that is beautiful, speaks to you energetically, and fits within your budget. 

I love to create malas for people, so whether you already know which stone you would like to use, or maybe you're not sure and just know that you'd like something that brings you peace, energy, postivity, confidence or some other energetic quality, please contact me on 409-698-6335 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the conversation!

Most commonly requested are our 108 bead knotted malas (to be worn as necklace) with guru bead and tassel or gemstone pendant and 108 bead wrist mala (elastic) with gemstone or metal guru bead. We can also provide smaller single wrap wrist malas that can be stacked if you prefer. 

Photo Apr 24 7 39 05 PM

Amazonite 108 bead wrist mala
with rosewood markers and a crystal quartz guru bead