Malas can be made from many different materials, from wood and seeds, to gemstones. I love to make malas from gemstones because they are so varied in appearance and naturally beautiful, and because each is believed to carry it’s own energetic quality that can be used to inspire and strengthen these qualities in the person wearing them. The following gemstones can be used for the entire mala, or a combination of stones can be used if you prefer. It is also possible to have a different gemstone to act as the Guru bead, or in place of/in addition to metal markers. Please feel free to ask about the different ways to incorporate multiple stones in your design.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all the stones available. If you have a favourite stone that is not listed, please feel free to ask as we may be able to source it for you!

African Jade (a type of Garnet) a beautiful green stone that is connected to the heart chakra to strengthen the capacity to love. It is a stone of empowerment which can help to promote inner peace, endurance, courage, and patience while calming anxiety and strong emotions.

African Turquoise the earthy mix of browns and turquoise in this stone encourage calming and soothing energies. This stone is believed to attract prosperity, success, love, healing, courage, and friendship

Agate: Agate is a grounding, centring stone that can help increase concentration and perception. 

Black Agate A calming stone that invokes courage and dispels fear while protecting against negative energies. It is also believed to promote success and good fortune.

Blue Lace Agate is light blue in colour. A gentle, calming stone that promotes patience and tranquillity, and reduces anger. It is also known to activate the throat chakra to promote clear and skilful communication. (*)

Moss Agate is green coloured stone associated with success, abundance and prosperity that is believed to increase confidence and self-esteem. 

Amethyst Ranging in colour from a light purple to rich deep colours, Amethyst is a grounding stone wonderful for busy people who wish to help balance high-energy and impatience, to eliminate chaos and promote clarity. (*)

Green/Blue Aventurine: a calming light green or blue stone which helps balance the emotions and release emotional stress. 

Pink Aventurine a balancing stone which increases self-confidence and promotes optimism. It is linked to the heart chakra and attracts love and acceptance.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that repels negativity. It is a grounding stone that helps to balance the mind and body and is believed to bring good luck and happiness (*)

Bronzite These rich earthy brown stones increase courage and repel negative energy while restoring harmony and self-confidence. A stone that can help clear confusion and is often known as the Stone of Focussed Action.  

Carnelian (also available in matte stone) A bright orange or red stone of creativity, motivation and passion which is linked to the second chakra. It’s also known to help focus the mind, and aid in decision making, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem

Citrine This very light yellow stone is an energizing stone of abundance and brings the energy of generosity so that prosperity and success is shared. Citrine is an energizing stone for both mind and body connected to feelings of joy, enthusiasm, happiness, wisdom and peace, and believed to increase creativity (*)

Dumortierite is a stone incorporating the lightest to darkest shades of blue. A positive communication stone (linked to the throat chakra) that promotes a positive attitude to life. This stone is believed to increases courage, self-confidence and assertiveness as well as reducing panic and fear.  (*)

Ebony (wood) Ebony has strong protective qualities, in particular for the home and relationships (available in black or tiger ebony which is a mix of browns and black)

Fluorite A beautiful light/transparent green stone that facilitates vision, connection, meditation and spiritual growth. This stone is also said to absorb and neutralise negative energy. (*)

Fossil Coral (ranges from light brown/sandy shades, to greys, and dark browns. This stone is created when ancient coral becomes buried and replaced with agate). Fossil coral is a grounding and calming stone believed to increase intuition, imagination, visualization, and concentration. It is also a stone linked to bravery and wisdom and can be used to attract success. (*)

Garnet A deep red coloured root chakra stone that gives vitality and strength. Garnet is linked to faith, courage, grace and compassion (*)

Howlite White in colour with grey streaks, this stone to reduce stress and anxiety, and help eliminate anger. This calming stone is also believed to teach patience and promote creativity, openness and discipline.

Jasper There are many types of Jasper, only some of which are listed below. Generally speaking, jasper is believed to be a protective, stabilizing, and balancing stone that nurtures the wearer and brings them what they need.

African Green Jasper a healing, balancing stone that calms the emotions. This stone (as with all Jasper) is believed to have strong protective powers

Blue Sky Jasper is a protective stone that can help balance emotions. It is a nurturing stone that is said to promote tranquillity, gentleness, and healing. (*)

Leopardskin Jasper is a stone to help increase strength and vitality. Leopardskin jasper is believed to foster new opportunities, and success in business. Like all jaspers it has protective, stabilizing and balancing qualities.

Picture Jasper Picture Jasper comes in many shades of brown and is a grounding, comforting stone that can help promote creativity and alleviate fear

Poppy Jasper is beautiful mix of reds, oranges and browns (and sometimes greys!). This is a balancing stone that helps bring feelings of happiness, joy and a positive outlook on life. As with all jasper’s it is a protective stone and is strongly linked to the root chakra.  

Blue/Black Labradorite (Larvikite) is a protective and grounding stone, that is believed to promote patience.. (*blue)

Lava Stone Black Lava Stone is a grounding stone that helps to dissipate anger. A wonderful stone to wear during times of change, and can also be used to wear your favourite essential oil  

Lapis Lazuli A beautiful blue stone believed to have powerful healing properties and believed to bring harmony in relationships.  

Lepidolite a pinky/puple stone that increases feelings of calm, trust, patience and optimism. It is a stone of acceptance of oneself, others and circumstances. (*)

Magnesite is a white stone that it is often dyed. This stone promotes tolerance for emotional stress and has a calming effect on the emotions. Magnesite supports those who are nervous and fearful and helps them to overcome irritability and intolerance. This stone brings a deep peace to meditation and relaxation.

Moonstone white moonstone is a good luck stone that is believed to have the ability to grant wishes. This stone is also known for its ability to soothe and balance the emotions and for healing female health problems.  (*)

New Jade (serpentine) This pale green stone is a heart healing stone believed bring balance back into a relationship or work environment. (*)

Obsidian A black stone also available with a gold sheen. This is a root chakra stone that cleanses negativity and self defeating thoughts. It can help gain clear insight into problems and overcome feelings of victimization, bringing stability to its owner. 

Snowflake Obsidian Predominantly black with a white snowflake pattern, this stone helps to keep centered and focused in any type of chaotic situation. A calming and soothing stone that helps remove negativity energy from a space or person or thoughts and promotes a sense of calm.

Onyx (also available in matte) black onyx is a strengthening stone that helps increase self-confidence and helps the wearer to be at ease in their surroundings. It prevents the draining away of personal energy and can be used for protection from people or circumstances that drain your energy.  It is believed to reduce stress and negative thinking and increase concentration, happiness and good-fortune

Prehnite This pale green tone is a protective stone that is known to increase energy and a sense of inner-peace. (*)

Quartz Quartz is believed to increase spiritual wisdom and insight, and promote clarity of thought. Also known as a healing stone that increases hope, happiness and optimism, quartz is believed to increase one’s intuition and amplify prayers. This is not the full list of quartz available, please contact us for more info if there is another type you love!

Cloudy Quartz is a soft grey stone is believed to enhance communication and understanding. This healing and energizing stone which aids in reducing stress and promotes mental focus and concentration.

Rose quartz this light pink stone is said to open the heart chakra to all forms of love, and is known as the ‘stone of unconditional love’. It is also believed to remove fears, resentments and anger.  

Smoky Quartz ranging in color from dark to light, this comforting and calming stone is believed to be excellent for grounding and removing negative emotions. This stone is believed to transform stress, fear, anger and negative emotions into positive energies.  Smoky quartz can also be helpful in reaching personal and business goals.(*)

Sandalwood A traditional mala material has a soothing scent that is considered calming and soothing. Sandalwood is believed to attract positivity and promotes a positive and focussed state of mind for meditation. (*)

Serpentine (see New Jade)

Silver (when used as markers or guru bead) is soothing and cleansing, and will enhance the energies of the mala gemstones. 

Sodalite This dark blue and white stone is believed to promote calm, peace, intuition and harmony. Useful for people looking to balance emotions and mental state (*)

Tiger Eye A grounding stone is also said to promote prosperity, clarity and protection. Tiger Eye is believed to have great healing powers and helps develop courage and confidence.

Blue Tiger Eye/ Falcon’s Eye is a powerful stone for and increasing self-understanding. It is grounding during chaotic situations and brings issues into perspective. This stone is often worn to protect the wearer from malice and jealousy, and for providing deeper insights and awareness so one may see beyond the obvious.

Red Tiger Eye /Ox Eye /Bull’s Eye  a mahogany or reddish variety of Tiger’s Eye which helps the wearer find calm in stressful situations. It is believed to help connect to inner strength, courage and self-confidence, and replaces lethargy and procrastination with enthusiasm and motivation.

Yellow Tiger Eye increases vitality and strength, and restores balance to the body while increasing feelings of hope and confidence in the future.. This stone helps to bring focus and enables the wearer to make decisions.  

Tourmaline Tourmaline is a protective and healing stone available in many colours: 

Black Tourmaline a grounding and protective stone that pushes all negativity away and attracts good luck and happiness. Wearing this stone is believed to balance the body and mind to encourage good health as well as overcoming chronic worry and obsessive behaviour.  (*)

Pink Tourmaline is a heart stone that varies from pale pink to deep red, and can be transparent to opaque. Encourages compassion and gentleness during periods of change. Wearing this stone is believed to help release stress, worry, depression and anxiety and can be paired with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behaviour (*)


Grade AA or A stones are used whenever possible to ensure the highest quality of color and clarity.

(*) indicate premium stones. These often have a higher base price depending on the market at time of purchase.

Gemstones and malas are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.