Creating Your Home Yoga Practice Using The Four Tendencies

The Four Tendencies is a book written by Gretchen Rubin which proposes that we all fit into one of four personality types that shape every aspect of our behavior. Never heard of it? Check it out here  The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People's Lives Better, Too) and take her free online quiz to see what personality type you fit into.

How can using this framework help you set up your home practice?

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Gentle Yoga Is Back!

We're excited to bring Gentle Yoga back to the weekly schedule every Saturday 8-9am. 

Gentle yoga is a practice suitable for beginners, seniors, and regularly practicing yogis looking for a change of pace.

This 60 minute session is designed to stretch areas of the body that are most commonly affected by stiffness and tension. Poses are included to help build strength and balance, and the session concludes with relaxation and a guided meditation.

You can join this practice in person at the studio, or live via zoom. Remember to reserve your pace via the schedule tab to save a spot in the studio or to receive login information for online access.

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Studio Update July 2020

Hi Yogis! 

We are happy to be offering both in person and online classes from our studio in Jasper, and we're excited to be adding Gentle Yoga sessions back into the schedule in August! 

Currently due to State of Texas mandate, we request that all students attending studio classes wear a face mask while entering the building until they get settled on their mat. Masks can be removed for the duration of our practice, and must be worn once again while leaving the studio.

Mask Resized

Thank you for your continued support



Studio Update & Etiquette (May 2020)

Hi Yogis

We're super excited to be reopening the studio on Tuesday 19th May. We've used our time wisely and enjoyed updating both the inside and outside of the studio as well as the website booking system. But our image is not the only thing to get an update; yogi-etiquette is also having a little adjustment to accomodate this ever changing situation.

In this post I hope to help clarify what to expect over the next few weeks, or at least until more information and advice is received. 


Class access & bookings:

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Live Streamed Yoga Session Info

We are so excited to be able to gather our community of yogis on a virutal platform while we practice social distancing.

There is nothing quite like the energy of being in the studio together to share movement and meditation, however feedback from our first online session was that there is definitely more of a sense of 'practicing together' and community when meeting live than there is with a pre recorded video. It's not perfect, it's not the studio, but it is a practice with fellow yogis, and right now that seems more important than ever. We're bringing together yogis from all over the country to share a practice and I feel thankful that it's possible. I'm also grateful to each of you that's willing to give this new platform a try, and invite me (virtually) into your home practice space. 

Some tips for gathering on zoom:

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Merry Christmas Yogis!

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I'm excited to be offering a full range of classes throughout the Christmas period. Join me in the studio to feel energized and focused (or perhaps to enjoy some peace and quiet!). 

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Virya: Right effort in Yoga

I have been curious this week in my practice about the yogic principle of virya. The sanskrit word virya is often translated as 'effort' but can also be translated as 'energy', 'diligence' or 'enthusiasm'. 

While it seems a simple concept that we of course should apply some effort in our practice, I found it interesting when I really started to look at the idea of 'right effort'.

Do we really apply as much effort as we could or should in some areas of our practice? Or perhaps do we sometimes apply too much effort?

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Journal: The External Practice Of Saucha

Saucha JournalThis week as we explore the external practice of Saucha/cleanliness our journal reflections encourage you to explore how the state of the space around you affects your inner state. Make a cup of tea (or something similarly delicious) and take some time to journal and contemplate the following questions:

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Saucha: How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

In our saucha practice I'm not going to tell you how to clean your house or how to take a shower, however it's not always clear how to care for our yoga mats!

Jade mats banner

If you bought your mat from our Jasper studio, it's a Jade yoga mat. These are amazing grippy mats, but some yoga mat cleaners could do more harm than good if they contain essential oils. Essential oils clog up Jade mat's 'pores' which over time will make it slippery and ineffective. Cleaners that contain alcohol and petroleum based solvents can also damage the mat and break it down. Remember to keep your mat out of direct sunlight when storing or drying as these eco-friendly mats will start to break down in sunlight.

Thankfully keeping your Jade mat clean is super easy! 

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Contemplation On The Physical Practice of Saucha/Cleanliness

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I'd like you to consider how your physical surroundings affect your inner state and day to day experience. Imagine the following two scenarios and consider how you would feel before, during and after the yoga practice for each story. Please also take moment to consider how other yogis in your class may be affected by your actions and energy in each case.

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