If you need to bring focus to your daily life it’s time to wear (or carry) tiger eye. We’re here to help make that possible with our energy collection of hand made jewelry. 

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Tiger eye is a powerful balancing stone, allowing the wearer to bring thoughts and emotions together in a way that can be understood.

A stone of stability and focus, it allows you to be to be logical rather than emotional, and helps you to accomplish goals and make positive changes in life.

Tiger eye is effective in soothing internal conflict associated with jealousy and pride. It allows the wearer to truly understand their abilities and talents by healing issues of self-criticism and feelings of unworthiness.

Tiger eye is beneficial for anyone who finds it difficult to remain optimistic as it encourages hope and confidence for the future. Meditating with tigers eye encourages a well-grounded and peaceful meditation.

This stone is available in our store as a knotted necklace, stackable single bracelet or 5-wrap mala bracelet as well as a leather wrap - so many styles to choose from!

This highly versatile stone is available in matte or gloss finish - message us for a custom design made especially for you. To purchase any of these designs go to the shop tab and explore! If an item is out of stock or not available in your size, please message me and I will be happy to make one for you.