'To one established in non-stealing, all wealth comes.’ ~ Sutra 2.37, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


During the month of June we're turning our focus both on and off the mat to the next yama; asteya which translates to non-stealing.

As with many of the yogic practices, our initial reaction may be to assume that we have this one covered, I mean, we aren't guilty of stealing cars or robbing banks, right?! However with closer consideration we may find there are many ways that we steal both from ourselves and from others without taking any physical possessions. This yama (ethical principle) requires us to build upon the one before, satya/truth, as we need to be honest with ourselves in investigating where we may take or steal. Each week we'll be considering a different area of our lives through the lens of asteya, but for now, take a moment to think about following questions:

Have you ever borrowed something from somewhere or someone and not returned it?
Have you ever been on your social media or personal phone while at work? Have you ever been late to work?
Have you ever presented someone else's idea as your own, or taken credit for something you didn't do?
Have you ever copied music from a friend's CD or MP3?
Have you ever been on your phone scrolling while someone was talking to you, or while you were eating?
Have you ever been late to an appointment or meeting?
Have you ever overworked and found the next day you're too tired to enjoy the plans you'd made with a friend or family member?

Throughout the month we'll be stepping away from the assumption that stealing must be of a physical item and look at the more subtle ways that steya/stealing can happen in our daily lives.

Whether you're near or far, we look forward to sharing this practice with you!