If your focus on asteya and attention have you aware that you're often distracted or lost in an online world, here are 5 easy ways to start bringing your attention back to the present moment. 

Pause and breathe:
If you get to the end of each day (or week) and wonder where it went, add some breath breaks into your day. Simply stop what you're doing and focus on taking three slow breaths. This will help you relax both body and mind, and allow you to be present and appreciate what's around you.

Do one thing at a time:
We often believe we're getting everything done by multitasking, however the truth may be that we are really just distracted and bouncing around feeling busy but not achieving much! Pay attention to completing one task at a time.

Turn off notifications:
Shock horror!! You may not know immediately that your third cousin half removed just liked your meme. It's ok! Really! You'll both survive if you don't notice it until later in the day when you intentionally check your accounts. Turn off all but the most urgent notifications, and keep your phone out of sight when doing something or interacting with others. I acknowledge that on occasion we might receive an urgent/important phone call or text, but consider how often you respond to your phone as if it's urgent every single time it lights up, even if it's just an instagram like or a spam email. Every time our phones light up and the notification box appears, it steals our attention from the task at hand, or worse - from the person we're interacting with.

Cuddle a (friendly) dog:
One of the best ways to learn being attentive and present is from the masters of presence! Cuddle or play with your dog. Be in the moment with them and enjoy that special time. They'll love and appreciate it and you'll feel more relaxed and happy too!

Go outside in nature:
Whether your access is to a park, the beach, or the woods, go outside! Listen to the sounds of birds, waves or wind in the trees, or watch the sun set. Take in everything about that moment from the temperature of the air to your presence in that space and the colour of the sky. Each time your mind wanders, bring it back to enjoying the moment.