We are so excited to be able to gather our community of yogis on a virutal platform while we practice social distancing.

There is nothing quite like the energy of being in the studio together to share movement and meditation, however feedback from our first online session was that there is definitely more of a sense of 'practicing together' and community when meeting live than there is with a pre recorded video. It's not perfect, it's not the studio, but it is a practice with fellow yogis, and right now that seems more important than ever. We're bringing together yogis from all over the country to share a practice and I feel thankful that it's possible. I'm also grateful to each of you that's willing to give this new platform a try, and invite me (virtually) into your home practice space. 

Some tips for gathering on zoom:

Be sure to sign up for the zoom app well in advance of the session. Download zoom to your phone/ipad/computer and create an account. Due to high demand on the software at the moment it can take some time to receive your verification email. Once you receive that, click the link so you can make a password and complete the registration process. The free version is sufficient for you to join our sessions. 

Make sure you've signed up for each session you'd like to attend directly at paradigmyoga.com/schedule. If you do not sign up on the website for each session, you will not receive the login number and password before the session. 

Please try to sign up well in advance for the sessions. When you sign up on our website you will receive an email straight away with some instructions. Please check your spam folder and add us to your safe sender list if necessary. You will receive an additional email from us prior to the session with that session's unique login number and password. 

Website signups close one hour before the session. If you wish to join after this time, please text 409-698-6335 with your name. Text registration closes 15 minutes prior to the session start. 


The live session:

Open the zoom app. 

Click the 'meet & chat' tab and then the 'join' button. Enter the meeting ID for the session and the password that was emailed to you by us before the session.

Select the join options of your preference before you enter the room (with or without audio/video). This can be changed once in the room if you wish. 

I love to have at least a handful of you with videos on as a reminder that you're there or at least when you log on to say hi!

When you enter the room there is the option at the bottom left corner to 'mute' or 'unmute'. Ideally, arrive to the session several minutes early, unmute and say hi to your group! If you're in a quite spot to practice, you can leave your microphone on, if you have people or pets around you please mute the audio so as not to disturb the session. If you join a session late be sure to sneak in with muted microphone.

During savasana I will mute everybody's microphones so that there is no unexpected interruptions to your relaxation. 

I set the session so that my image will be large througout, though you can set different views on your device. On phones you swipe across to change the view from just the host, to gallery where you can see others. On other devices there is the option to select 'gallery' or 'speaker' (host in this case)


The practice:

Please keep in mind that in the studio I'm able to see everyone in the room, and offer guidance to alter poses to make them easier (or more difficult) to suit you. In a zoom room this is not possible as you're a small square on my phone 10' away!  It's time for your personal practice to shine and to trust your intuition. If in doubt go a little easier. If something doesn't feel good, don't do it! 

If you're looking for a more individual guidance, I'm offering 1:1 sessions and small group sessions where you can receive more personal instruction. 


A note regarding payments:

The online sessions are charged at the same rate as the studio sessions as they still require the same (if not a little more) preparation, time and energy.

Class passes can be purchased through the 'shop' tab on the website. Just as in the studio I will keep a track and notify you when a top up is needed. If you want to know the status of your pass just text your name and 'class pass status update' to 409-698-6335. 

Should you be put in the position by covid-19 of no longer earning a wage, please message me as some 'seva' places are available to help students continue a practice during times of need.