Stretch Away The Day

Slow down and unwind with this evening yoga class designed to stretch the whole body & release stiffness and tension. This session includes poses to stretch the spine and shoulders as well as hips and hamstrings, and concludes with a lovely relaxation.

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Beginner Yoga Mindful Morning Flow

A beginner friendly, easy paced all-levels flow yoga class to improve balance, build strength & increase flexibility. Great first thing in the morning or anytime to get you moving

Chair Yoga for Leg Strength & Balance

Welcome Yogis to this more active chair yoga class designed to strengthen the legs. Through my years of sharing chair yoga, I (and yogis in the studio) have noticed a great improvement in balance when we practice leg strengthening first so this class focuses firstly on strenghthening, then on balancing. All postures are done with a chair for support so this practice is suitable for all.


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35 Minute Restorative Yoga Class

This calming 35 minute restorative yoga class is designed to help you relax and unwind, and let go of tension and stress from the hips, spine and shoulders. We use the support of a yoga bolster in all poses, and they are held for 3-6 minutes to allow the body to relax fully. This practice is fully guided and accompanied by delta wave binaural beats for deep relaxation.

20 Minute Morning Yoga Practice

This short and sweet 20 minute yoga practice is an all over yoga practice to start your day the best way!

Suitable for a daily practice to wake up the whole body, this yoga class can be done at any time of day whether you're stiff from sitting in a chair at work, or just need to get your energy moving!

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