10 Minute Daily Meditation for Increased Focus

This is a beginner meditation practice with calming music that can be practiced by anyone at any time. This guided meditation focuses on the breath, and on the space between the breath. Over time this practice can help to increase focus and reduce stress and anxiety.

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NEW: Melt Into Sleep

Enjoy our latest release; Melt Into Sleep. This is a guided visualization meditation designed to take you on a journey that helps you let go of the stress and tension of the day before melting into a deep sleep.

Creativity Boost Meditation & Journal Questions

If you're a writer feeling writers block, an artist or musician feeling uninspired, or a business person feeling stuck, this journaling meditation is designed to overcome procrastination and help identify which habits may be stifling your creativity, and help you establish a daily habit of creativity to reveal your true potential over time.

NEW: Sleep Meditation

I'm happy to be sharing several more sleep, power nap and creativity meditaitons over the next couple of weeks. Here's the first one; a body scan progressive muscle relaxation, with breathwork to relax the body and mind before counting down to a deep sleep. Fall asleep more quickly, and sleep more soundly ♡

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20 Minute Power Nap Meditation

This power nap guided meditation is a short calming practice designed to quickly and efficiently guide you into a deep state of relaxation using a breathing technique and a short body scan. Soothing delta wave binaural beat music helps guide you into a deeper state of rest, and even if you don't fall asleep, you can benefit from the reset of body and mind, and increase your energy levels for whatever you wish to accomplish in the rest of the day.

Yoga Nidra Practice: Using A Sankalpa or Intention

Incorporating multiple mind and body relaxation techniques including body scan, breath counting, and visualization, yoga nidra, also sometimes known as yogic sleep is a guided meditation practice to help you move beyond physical tension and the busy mind to a quieter place within, where you can set your intention or 'sankalpa'.

It is believed when you practice yoga nidra with a sankalpa, that your resolve will always come true.

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