Meditation Workshop 2021


We are now taking bookings for our new Meditation Workshops. In this 2 hour workshop you'll learn a technique of meditation that uses silent repetition to focus the mind (mantra meditation). We'll explore your motivations for practicing, ways to establish a successful routine, how to sit comfortably, and prepare to overcome potential obstacles.

You'll be given the information you need to help you choose your own mantra (word of phrase) based on the chakra system, or I can help you pick one if you need a little extra assistance. There is time in this session for self-reflection and journaling and the session will conclude with a practice.

Session fee includes 2 hour workshop and handmade knotted mala made of 108 lava beads and a clear quartz meru bead .

What to bring:
A journal or notebook and pen

Session Details:


Tuesday 22nd June 5.30-7.30pm


Wednesday 30th June 2021, 12.30-2.30pm


Location: Paradigm Yoga, Jasper

Fee: $65 for 2 hour workshop including handmade lava bead mala

Reservations: Places for these sessions are limited. Places must be pre booked and paid in advance. We are unable to refund fee for cancellations made within 72 hours of session start time.

Special Offer for Participants

Mala 1rsThis session includes a handmade lava mala as shown in this photo.

I hand make gemstone malas which contain different metaphysical properties and can add a little color and personality into your meditation session.

If you would rather have a unique, handcrafted design for your meditation practice, you can exchange your lava mala for any instore or custom mala and receive $25 off the price of the new mala. This can be done prior to the session or on the day of the workshop. Please note that many designs are one of a kind so if you see one you love, message me ASAP to reserve it! I'm also happy to discuss custom design ideas.

Current available malas can be found in the shop link 






Meditation cushions for your home practice

During this session we will look at how to sit comfortably in meditation. For the in studio practice chairs, meditation cushions and blankets will be available for you to use.
If you would like to order a meditation cushion for your home prior to the workshop I will be placing an order on MONDAY 14th June. I source all our meditation supplies from Halfmoon where I am confident of the source and quality of the products.They have many designs to chose from to fit your meditation space and personal style and I'm happy to send details and help you pick the right type for you!

Click here to see some of the designs currently available. Please call or message me (Shona) on 409-698-6335 for more details or to discuss which type of meditation cushion will be best for you.


Book on our schedule or message Shona on 409-698-6335

(Meditation cushions usually take approx 1 week to arrive in studio, we endevor to receive these prior to the workshops though this may be subject to change with postal services)