This is a beginner meditation practice with calming music that can be practiced by anyone at any time. This guided meditation focuses on the breath, and on the space between the breath. Over time this practice can help to increase focus and reduce stress and anxiety.

Learning to meditate using the breath is a beneficial technique that requires no special equipment or knowledge. Over time this practice gives you a way to reset and shift out of repetitive thought patterns, which is helpful if you get stuck in patterns of rumination and regret, or anxiety about the future.

On a physical level this practice slows the breath down, calming the nervous system and helping you to settle into a quieter space within. This also can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and give you greater access to connect with the beauty and simplicity of the present moment just as it is.

I hope you enjoy this practice! Be sure to let me know in the YouTube comments if this technique works for you and I will be happy to make more meditations to support you as you need less guidance over time.