Pencil Page

Sharpen your pencil or pull up your keyboard, it's time to journal!

This week we're talking about the 'space in between', those moments of quiet in our daily lives that allow us to connect to our inner voice, our feelings, and to the world around us.
This practice is about resisting the temptation to constantly seek distraction, allowing our thoughts to wander.

In connection to this, it seems appropriate that this week's journal practice is to free-write. This practice is something I do on an almost daily basis.

To free-write, just grab your pen and paper, or laptop (internet, notifications and distractions off!).
Grab a cup of tea if you'd like, put your phone onto airplane mode, set the timer for 15 minutes and get writing.

What about? Whatever comes to mind! It doesn't matter - just write anything and everything that comes though your thoughts. This stream of consciousness helps you to connect to your inner voice and tune in to what's really going on inside.

As always, no one needs to see what you write - you can destroy the paper afterwards, delete the document on your laptop, or password protect it so no one can sneak a peak. Don't edit yourself. Don't correct spelling mistakes or grammar things. Just go….