fossil coral mala

This week we continue to focus on taking time for the pauses in life, on the practice of resisting distractions and being present with our thoughts and feelings, and in the moment.

If this is something you feel you'd like to practice more in the weeks and months ahead, fossil coral is the gemstone to wear!

Fossil coral is a grounding and calming stone believed to increase intuition, imagination, visualization, and concentration.
It is especially useful in decision making as it provides clear insight, and clarity of thought. Fossil coral is linked to bravery, modesty and wisdom, and is used to attract success and encourage a positive outlook on life.

Fossil coral is helpful for promoting inner peace and contentment, quieting disruptive thoughts and emotions. This beautiful stone is said to assist in business endeavors, whilst keeping one grounded and motivated.

I love these gemstones, and my first mala was made from fossil coral. It's a gorgeous stone that ranges from light brown/sandy shades, to greys, and dark browns. It's created when ancient coral becomes buried and replaced with agate (not to be confused with precious/reef coral).

If you would like a single, double, triple or 108 bead bracelet, or a hand knotted necklace made of this gorgeous stone, comment below or message me for a free design consultation.

**The mala shown in this photo is currently available in our shop