This week our practice on and off the mat is the exploration of drishti/gaze and focus. If you haven't already checked out our article about drishti below, take a few minutes to read it before considering the journal prompts for this week.

Journal drishti


Grab your journal or open a new word document on your computer, turn off distractions and set your timer for 15 minutes of writing. Don’t filter yourself or worry about doing this wrong or right; journaling is an opportunity to explore your thoughts about something and to dig deeper without judgment.

Playing it safe is, well, safe but can stop us from growing to our full potential. What would you like to do that you're afraid to try?
Why are you afraid to try?
How will you feel in years to come if you never make any attempts to reach your goal or dream?
Name something you will do this week to step closer to that goal or dream.

Feel free to do a forward fold or downward facing dog for a few long breaths and take in the world from a different point of view before coming back to your journal.
What limiting belief about yourself do you need to turn on its head?
Create a more positive statement can you replace this belief with and note it down.