Our journal questions this week are on being present and our attention. Pick one or all of them (there are quite a few this week) to write about freely without self-editing. Grab your pen or laptop and dig in!

Asteya Journal

What distracts you the most in life? How? Do you notice or is it subconscious? Write about some of the ways and times you get distracted.

When you have a moment spare in the day such as riding an elevator, waiting for an appointment, waiting for the bill to come at lunch etc what do you do? Is this a choice or habit? Does it make add to your day in a positive way or simply make time pass? Would you prefer to act in a different way?

Which online activities take up the most of your attention? How do they make you feel? Do any elevate you or do any leave you frustrated, stressed or empty? Which are absolutely necessary and which end up passing time without you even realising?

How do you show someone you're listening to them? Do you always do this? How might the other person feel if you are only half paying attention to them when they're talking to you? With this in mind, what might you do in future interactions to show people that you are present and paying attention.