When I dig into the yamas it's always quite humbling. I've been studying for years, but the breadth and depth of yoga is such that sometimes some areas slip until you bring them back into focus. This is the case for aparigraha.

When I'm planning yoga classes I brainstorm for a while. This process includes sprawling diagrams of ideas and quotes that are eventually rounded up together in ways that can be woven into our physical practice. Interestingly, a couple of things happened when I dug into aparigraha. Firstly, before I even started to organise the ideas, I was inspired to have a good old closet clean out. Secondly, I couldn't help but write in capital letters in the center of my plan 'FREEDOM'.

I believe that the most wonderful part of practicing aparigraha (whether you want to translate it as non hoarding, non attachment, non greed or non coveting) is the feeling of freedom it can give you.

Over the next few weeks, I'd like to invite you to focus on the practice of aparigraha. I'll be sharing some words and ideas through articles and also in the studio. Whether you feel joy, lightness and freedom, or experience resistance and doubt there is always something to be learned from aparigraha.