As you might have noticed, we've been focusing our attention this week on the practice of patience, both with ourselves and our personal growth, as well as with those around us. Keep your focus on patience in the weeks and months ahead with white howlite gemstones.

Gemstones are a great way to bring focus to a feeling or energy that you wish to cultivate and grow in your daily life. Each gemstone comes with it's own energetic qualities and can be used in many ways.

Read on to find out the benefits of (and ways to use) white howlite. We hand make all jewelry in Brookeland, TX - All items shown in photos are available in our online shop 

white howlite single

White Howlite is a calming stone of wisdom and insight. It encourages patience, and helps to calm an overactive mind and turbulent emotions, and as a result reduces feelings of stress.

White howlite helps the wearer to let go of anger, selfishness and criticism, and develop a positive outlook on life. It promotes kindness, compassionate behaviour, and peaceful coexistence.

There are no rules as to how to use gemstones, but here are some ideas of how to bring the patient and soothing energy of white howlite into your life:

White howlite mala

Jewelry: Knotted mala necklace, mala bracelet or single bracelet

Combine white howlite with your favorite gemstones for a beautiful piece of energy jewelry. The jewelry can be a visual reminder of your intention each time you feel impatience bubbling up, and allow it's soothing natural energy to encourage patience and calm.

Tumbled Gemstones: 

  • Keep some white howlite in your car if you get road rage. 
  • Keep some in your pocket when shopping or going out if you often get impatient waiting in line.
  • Keep in the home if you struggle to stay patient with your family 
  • I often keep some on my laptop because, between you and me, I tend to get impatient waiting for technology/the internet to load!
  • Place at the top of your yoga mat during your practice as a reminder to slow down, enjoy transitions, and to find joy in where we currently are in our practice. 
  • Place a gemstone in your space during a long project, whether it be in business or personal growth.

white howlite


Setting intentions and meditating with gemstones each morning will encourage motivation and inspiration to carry the positive energy of the gemstone with you throughout the day. You can hold the gemstones while practicing a simple breath awareness meditation, or alternatively choose a mantra as your point of focus. Picking a mantra aligned with the gemstone is my favorite method as each time I feel or see the gemstone throughout the day, the mantra comes to mind and positively effects my energy.

Here are some suggestions for white howlite mantras, pick one, or follow your instinct and create one that feels good!

'Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile' (Thich Nhat Hahn)

'I am patient, I am kind’

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(Metaphysical descriptions are for educational purpose only and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.*)