Journal: The External Practice Of Saucha

Saucha JournalThis week as we explore the external practice of Saucha/cleanliness our journal reflections encourage you to explore how the state of the space around you affects your inner state. Make a cup of tea (or something similarly delicious) and take some time to journal and contemplate the following questions:

How do you feel when your space is cluttered and/or unclean?
(How does it affect your ability to relax? To create? To work? To think? To rest? To enjoy unexpected company?)
How do you feel when your work/home space is clean and tidy?
(How does it affect your ability to relax/create/work/think/rest or enjoy unexpected company?)

Is there one place in your home that makes you feel particularly calm or happy when it's clean and clear?

What simple habits or routines would help you to keep that space clear?