Saucha: How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

In our saucha practice I'm not going to tell you how to clean your house or how to take a shower, however it's not always clear how to care for our yoga mats!

B Yoga MatIf you bought your mat from our Jasper studio, it's a B-Yoga mat. These are amazing grippy mats, but some yoga mat cleaners could do more harm than good if they contain essential oils. Essential oils clog up the mat's 'pores' which over time will make it slippery and ineffective. Cleaners that contain alcohol and petroleum based solvents can also damage the mat and break it down. Remember to keep your mat out of direct sunlight when storing or drying as these eco-friendly mats will start to oxidize in sunlight.

Thankfully keeping your mat clean is super easy! 



For regular maintenance and routine cleaning, wipe down your mat with a damp cloth after your practice. Allow your mat to dry before rolling up and storing. For a regular practice this can be weekly, but if you have a vigorous practice you may prefer to do this after every use.

For a deeper clean, mix up a solution of 3 parts water: 1 part white vinegar. (We always have a bottle of this mixture available in the studio). Spray your mat all over then soak a cloth with warm water and wipe down again to get rid of any vinegar-y smell. Hang or lay flat to dry (in the shade) before rolling back up.

For more tips on taking care of your B-Yoga mat check out this video!