Strengthening Yoga Flow

Ready to move yogis? Warm up with variations of sun salutations followed by a full body strengthening flow for arm strength, core strength and leg strength.

Variations are given for beginner poses to build strength as well as modifications for those looking for a little extra including hand balances in skandasana and crow.

10 Minute Stretch for Tight Hamstrings

Increase your flexibility and stretch tight hamstrings & IT bands with this 10 minute stretch. This is my favorite yoga pose for students with tight legs; add this practice to your evening routine to help increase flexibility over time. One simple stretch done two ways with long hold times to stretch deeply.

10 Minute Daily Meditation for Increased Focus

This is a beginner meditation practice with calming music that can be practiced by anyone at any time. This guided meditation focuses on the breath, and on the space between the breath. Over time this practice can help to increase focus and reduce stress and anxiety.

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NEW: Melt Into Sleep

Enjoy our latest release; Melt Into Sleep. This is a guided visualization meditation designed to take you on a journey that helps you let go of the stress and tension of the day before melting into a deep sleep.

Free Flexibility Class: Hamstring & Hip Stretch

A yoga practice to stretch tight hamstrings, hips and inner thighs and improve flexibility. This is a great practice to stretch out stiff legs caused by sitting, traveling, weight lifting, CrossFit, athletics or any other training.

Creativity Boost Meditation & Journal Questions

If you're a writer feeling writers block, an artist or musician feeling uninspired, or a business person feeling stuck, this journaling meditation is designed to overcome procrastination and help identify which habits may be stifling your creativity, and help you establish a daily habit of creativity to reveal your true potential over time.


Yoga Classes

Free yoga classes for when you can't get into the studio, or to keep you moving in between! Includes gentle, flow, restorative and chair yoga.

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