Bedtime Chair Yoga To Stretch & Unwind

Get ready for a good night's sleep with this 20 minute gentle evening chair yoga class. This bedtime yoga session includes seated poses only and is great for seniors and yogis who find getting to the floor difficult or anyone simply looking for a gentle stretch before bed! 

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Stretch Away The Day

Slow down and unwind with this evening yoga class designed to stretch the whole body & release stiffness and tension. This session includes poses to stretch the spine and shoulders as well as hips and hamstrings, and concludes with a lovely relaxation.

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Beginner Yoga Mindful Morning Flow

A beginner friendly, easy paced all-levels flow yoga class to improve balance, build strength & increase flexibility. Great first thing in the morning or anytime to get you moving


Yoga Classes

Free yoga classes for when you can't get into the studio, or to keep you moving in between! Includes gentle, flow, restorative and chair yoga.

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A place to learn a little about yogic philosophy, and inspiration for your practice

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A collection of articles and videos to help you deepen your understanding of your practice

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