Studio Chair Yoga

From March 02, 10:30 am until 11:30 am

A yoga practice suitable for seniors, anyone who finds getting up and down from the floor difficult, and anyone looking to increase range of motion, build balance and increase flexibility gently and with support.


What to expect:

Yogis using a chair: In this session yoga poses have been modified to be practiced sitting on a chair, or using a chair for support. There is no getting up and down from the floor required.
If you are not using a chair and can get to the floor comfortably,

Expect to gently stretch and move all areas of the body as well as increasing heart rate through supported movements with the breath and some strengthening postures.

Sequences include seated neck, shoulder and upper body stretching, some gentle twists, and energizing gentle seated or standing half sun salutations to warm up.
These are followed by a sequence of standing poses to build strength and balance (the chair is used to assist with balance, and the poses can be modified to be practiced seated if preferred).
The session closes with stretches and movements for the hips, legs, ankles and feet before ending with a lovely relaxation and short meditation.


10 class pass: $100 ($10/class)
5 class pass: $55 ($11/class)
Single class pass/drop in $12

If your income has been negatively effected by covid-19 and you are unable to afford your yoga sessions, please contact me regarding seva places available.

Due to studio restrictions during covid-19, places are limited. Please sign up in advance to reserve your place. Drop-ins can not be guaranteed to be accepted. Cancellations must be made more than 24hours in advance. If cancelled within 24 hours of the session start time you will be charged for the studio place (if you have reserved an in-studio place and choose to login online instead you will be charged for both the online and studio place. This is to ensure the limited studio places are fully used and enjoyed by students and not reserved as a 'maybe'.)

Covid-19 Studio Updates & Etiquette

  • Studio spaces are limited to 9 places for flow yoga and 8 for chair yoga in order to maintain 6' or more between students. 
  • If you arrive at the same time as another yogi, please practice social distancing and allow them time to move out of the lobby/foyer before entering the studio. 
  • Please wash your hands upon entering the studio. 
  • Place the front of your mat at the indicated lines on the floor.
  • No mat rental is available until further notice. The studio has a selection of mid range and pro mats to choose from. 
  • Please bring your own props where possible (we recommend 2 x blocks, a strap and a blanket, all of which are availble to purchase at the studio). 
  • Instructor will not be offering hands-on assists or adjustments

Most importantly, if you or anyone you live with is unwell please stay home. 

This event is for the IN STUDIO session and will be live streamed to students that wish to particpate at home.  If you wish to practice at home please sign up for the 'online' session so that login information is emailed to you.