Online Yoga Sculpt

From September 25, 5:30 pm until 6:45 pm

A fun yoga fusion class combining traditional yoga poses with core strenghtening work and the option to add hand weights to movements. This flow is designed to strengthen and tone the body, build lean muscle and boost metabolism. Effective as a standalone practice, or to compliment your existing yoga practice.

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What to expect:
An active, flowing class designed to be a workout using traditional yoga poses as the foundation; you will be moving up and down from the floor often. The session begins with a warm up, moves into a yoga flow that includes core, arm and leg strengthening poses, and closes with cool down stretches and a savasana/relaxation followed by a short guided meditation.

Open to all levels; modifications will be offered to lessen or increase the intensity of practice to fit your current fitness. You are welcome to borrow the studio hand weights (available in 2,3 and 5lbs) or can bring your own of any weight that you're comfortable with.

Do what you can & take breaks when you need to!


  • Gravatar Becky Franklin