Online Flexibility Focus

From February 15, 5:30 pm until February 15, 6:45 pm
Posted by Shona

PLEASE NOTE: This is a live stream of the in-studio session. Due to technical restrictions I am not able to see all my students through this medium as I usually can in the studio. With this in mind, please only practice what feels good to you and skip/modify poses where necessary.

Logins for this session are sent out approximately 30 minutes prior to the session beginning. If you are signing up within 15 minutes of the session start time, please message 4096986335 to receive your login.

An online stretchy session to let go of stress and tension. Whether you've spent the day gardening or in a netflix marathon, this class is for you! Yogis must be able to get down to the floor to stretch. 

This class will be hosted through the zoom app. Please download in advance and sign up for a free account.

To participate in this class you must click the 'join' button above and enter your details for login and password to be emailed to you. Login and password details will be emailed prior to the session.

This evening session is the perfect time to stretch and release tension; You do not need to be flexible to do this class; this class is designed for all levels with modifications available to fit your current mobility. 

What to expect:
The pace of this class makes it suitable for beginners and experienced yogis; modifications will be offered to suit your current level of flexibility.

What to bring/wear:
This is an online session.. wear what you want!

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