• 5 Ways To Practice Attention and Presence

    If your focus on asteya and attention have you aware that you're often distracted or lost in an online world, here are 5 easy ways to start bringing your attention back to the present moment. 

    Pause and breathe:
    If you get to the end of each day (or week) and wonder where it went, add some breath breaks into your day. Simply stop what you're doing and focus on taking three slow breaths. This will help you relax both body and mind, and allow you to be present and appreciate what's around you.

    Do one thing at a time:
    We often believe we're getting everything done by multitasking, however the truth may be that we are really just distracted and bouncing around feeling busy but not achieving much! Pay attention to completing one task at a time.

  • Affirmation: Asteya

    If you find yourself in a cycle of procrastination or being habitually rushed, try adding one of these mantras to your day to encourage a more calm and considered approach to your time.

    "I use my time well"

    "I am in control of how I spend my time"

  • An Introduction to Asteya

    'To one established in non-stealing, all wealth comes.’ ~ Sutra 2.37, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


    During the month of June we're turning our focus both on and off the mat to the next yama; asteya which translates to non-stealing.

  • Asteya: A Contemplation

    Asteya time

    The first week in our focus on asteya or non-stealing we're paying attention to time and energy.

    Consider for a moment if there are any ways that you steal time and/or energy from yourself and from others.

    Now also think about the following:

  • Asteya: What's Stealing Your Attention?

    Last week we began our exploration of the third yama, asteya/non-stealing. We started the practice by thinking about ways that we steal time and energy from ourselves and from others. In my post, I said that our most valuable resource is time. This week I'd like to expand on that; consider for a moment if our most valuable resource is not only our time, but also our attention.


  • Gemstones for Asteya

    Not only can we steal time and energy from others, we can also have it stolen from us. If you feel like other people steal your energy - consider wearing onyx.

    Onyx Bracelet

  • Journal: Asteya

    Below are this week's journal questions for exploring asteya/non-stealing of time and energy:

    As always you do not need to share your journal responses with anyone; grab a notebook or laptop and write freely and honestly without filtering yourself.

    Asteya journal

    In what ways do you steal time from yourself and from others? What changes can you make to reduce how often this happens?

  • Journal: What's Stealing Your Attention?

    Our journal questions this week are on being present and our attention. Pick one or all of them (there are quite a few this week) to write about freely without self-editing. Grab your pen or laptop and dig in!

    Asteya Journal

    What distracts you the most in life? How? Do you notice or is it subconscious? Write about some of the ways and times you get distracted.