• 10 Minute Chair Yoga for Back, Neck & Shoulders

    Our latest YouTube session is available now, a 10 minute chair yoga stretch for neck, back and shoulders. This is a perfect quick session for when you're at your desk all day, or have been driving. Add this to your morning routine or evening wind down!

  • 30 Minute Daily Yoga Practice

    A 30 minute slow & gentle yoga flow that you can add to your daily routine. Suitable for beginners and seniors, & flow yogis looking for a change of pace

  • 30 Minute Free Gentle Yoga Class

    This 30 minute free gentle yoga practice is for when you're feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, tired or just have a lack of energy. This beginner friendly practice is for when you kinda-sorta want to move but can't really gather the energy or motivation for a vinyasa or hatha class!
  • Bedtime Chair Yoga with Reclining Poses

    A sweet, gentle bedtime chair yoga practice to wind-down and relax body and mind. In this class we stretch out stiff neck & shoulders, spine, legs and hips.

  • Beginner Yoga Mindful Morning Flow

    A beginner friendly, easy paced all-levels flow yoga class to improve balance, build strength & increase flexibility. Great first thing in the morning or anytime to get you moving

  • Chair Yoga for Leg Strength & Balance

    Welcome Yogis to this more active chair yoga class designed to strengthen the legs. 

  • Energizing Yoga Flow

    Feel energized and ready for the day with our latest YouTube video

  • Free Flexibility Class: Hamstring & Hip Stretch

    A yoga practice to stretch tight hamstrings, hips and inner thighs and improve flexibility. This is a great practice to stretch out stiff legs caused by sitting, traveling, weight lifting, CrossFit, athletics or any other training.

  • Full Length Beginner Yoga Flow!

    Over the next 2 weeks I'll be sharing a handful of full length yoga classes that I hope you'll enjoy while the studio is closed for a week (19-26th April). Of course you're welcome to practice before and after too!

    This first one is a beginner vinyasa flow; a strengthening practice towards a standing balance, that begins with lots of help with alignment then practices flowing mindfully through them.

  • Full Length Chair Yoga Class on YouTube

    Enjoy this full length (60 minute) chair yoga class wherever you are! This practice includes standing and seated poses only and includes a variation of poses for mobility, as well as strenghening and balancing postures.

  • Get Up And Go! Morning Vinyasa Yoga for Energy

    Get up and go with this morning yoga flow to stretch and strengthen in under 30 minutes! Please like and share the video, and if you enjoy it please also comment on YouTube (the likes and comments encourages YouTube to suggest it to more yogis!)


  • Morning Yoga to Stretch & Strengthen

    Join me for this 20 minute morning yoga class to wake up the body through stretches and spinal movements, before adding a little strength and balance!

  • Strengthening Yoga Flow

    Ready to move yogis? Warm up with variations of sun salutations followed by a full body strengthening flow for arm strength, core strength and leg strength.

    Variations are given for beginner poses to build strength as well as modifications for those looking for a little extra including hand balances in skandasana and crow.

  • Stretch Away The Day

    Slow down and unwind with this evening yoga class designed to stretch the whole body & release stiffness and tension. This session includes poses to stretch the spine and shoulders as well as hips and hamstrings, and concludes with a lovely relaxation.

  • Sweet Dreams Bedtime Yoga

    Wind down after a long day with this slow evening stretch practice desgined to relax the body and calm the mind. Sweet dreams yogis!

  • Yoga Flow to Strengthen & Stretch Hips & Legs

    Warm up then flow through two rounds of leg & hip strengthening and stretching poses.

  • Yoga for Tight Low Back & Hips

    A slow paced yoga class with deep stretches in the hips and targeted low back tension release. This 30 minute class includes gentle warm up, stretches and savasana.

  • Yoga Stretch for Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

    This 10 minute yoga stretch is designed to release tension from the neck, shoulders and upper back to help reduce tension and discomfort and to improve posture over time.

  • Yoga Stretch for When You've Been Standing

    This slow yoga stretch is for you if you work on your feet or have been standing all day.