• 10 Minute Chair Yoga for Back, Neck & Shoulders

    Our latest YouTube session is available now, a 10 minute chair yoga stretch for neck, back and shoulders. This is a perfect quick session for when you're at your desk all day, or have been driving. Add this to your morning routine or evening wind down!

  • 30 Minute Daily Yoga Practice

    A 30 minute slow & gentle yoga flow that you can add to your daily routine. Suitable for beginners and seniors, & flow yogis looking for a change of pace

  • Beginner Yoga Mindful Morning Flow

    A beginner friendly, easy paced all-levels flow yoga class to improve balance, build strength & increase flexibility. Great first thing in the morning or anytime to get you moving

  • Chair Yoga for Leg Strength & Balance

    Welcome Yogis to this more active chair yoga class designed to strengthen the legs. 

  • Morning Yoga to Stretch & Strengthen

    Join me for this 20 minute morning yoga class to wake up the body through stretches and spinal movements, before adding a little strength and balance!

  • Stretch Away The Day

    Slow down and unwind with this evening yoga class designed to stretch the whole body & release stiffness and tension. This session includes poses to stretch the spine and shoulders as well as hips and hamstrings, and concludes with a lovely relaxation.

  • Yoga for Tight Low Back & Hips

    A slow paced yoga class with deep stretches in the hips and targeted low back tension release. This 30 minute class includes gentle warm up, stretches and savasana.