Frequently Asked Questions - Paradigm Yoga

FAQs - Paradigm Yoga

There are many physical and mental benefits to practicing yoga. Some of these include:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better posture
  • Deeper breath
  • Better balance
  • Clearer mind
  • More energy
  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep

Definitely not! Your instructor is there to guide you through poses, they will explain how to do each one and offer variations where necessary. Over time you will become familiar with some poses and continue to learn more challenging ones as you advance in your practice. 

There are many different styles of yoga and yoga classes available in the USA today. Paradigm Yoga offers the following types of class:

Flow yoga (vinyasa flow). Flow yoga is a flowing, dynamic practice connecting movement with the breath.

During each class you will be guided through a variety of yoga poses to build strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Flow classes are open to all levels and designed with the beginner in mind with modifications offered to those yogis wishing to advance their practice. To enjoy the benefits of this practice, it is recommended that you are comfortable getting up and down from the ground.

Expect a vigorous practice including sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, preparation poses for arm balances and dynamic stretching.

This 75 minute class concludes with 20 minutes of relaxation, breathing practice and meditation.


Gentle Yoga is gentle practice suitable for beginners, seniors, and regularly practicing yogis looking for a change of pace. This is a slow, meditative practice which includes seated, standing and floor poses. You may still break a sweat in some poses, and not at all in others! 

This 60 minute class concludes with relaxation, breathing practice and a guided meditation.


Chair Yoga is gentle practice suitable for seniors, anyone who finds getting up and down from the floor difficult, and those looking to increase range of motion, build balance and increase flexibility gently and with support.  In Chair Yoga, all the poses have been modified to be practiced sitting on a chair, or using a chair for support.  There is no getting up and down from the floor required however if you are able to get to the ground some reclining poses and relaxation will be offered.

This 60 minute class includes relaxation and a short guided meditation


Yoga Sculpt (vinyasa flow variation).

This is a fun yoga fusion class combining traditional yoga poses with core strengthening work and the option to add hand weights to movements. This flow is designed to strengthen and tone the body, build lean muscle and boost metabolism. Effective as a standalone practice, or to compliment your existing yoga practice. This practice can be intense but is available to anyone who is comfortable in a flow yoga class.

This 75 minute class concludes with 20 minutes of relaxation including a guided meditation.


Slow Flow Yoga: In a fast-paced world, slow flow is here to mix things up! Poses vary from gentle to challenging, with variations offered to suit your current level of fitness, flexibility and strength. The meditative pace will increase strength, focus and awareness. Slow flow is designed to benefit fist time yogis, beginners and regularly practicing yogis: New and beginner yogis will have the opportunity to become familiar with poses at a pace that allows time to understand safe alignment, modifications and transitions. Regularly practicing yogis will benefit from an opportunity to deepen and refine poses and transitions.

The toned down pace does not mean that the poses and practice are any less beneficial for body and mind, in fact the change in pace holds its own challenges and lessons on the mat. Benefits from this practice include increased strength, flexibility and balance, greater awareness of postural fundamentals, increased focus, and reduced stress and anxiety.

This 75 minute class concludes with 20 minutes of relaxation, breathing practice and meditation.


'Intro To Flow' (special event) is a 6 week course in which we introduce the fundamental poses of our flow yoga classes and focus on alignment, transitions, and modifications to suit your body. Though taking this course is not required in order to take part in our flow classes, it is a wonderful opportunity to familiarise yourself with the basics. Perfect for anyone with limited yoga experience or new to a yoga practice. Contact us for dates of the next Intro To Flow workshop!


Meditation Workshop (Special event) a perfect opportunity to learn more about meditation, from why we should practice to how to sit comfortably. We practice several styles of meditation to help you find one that feels good to you! Contact us for dates of the next Meditation workshop!

If you own a yoga mat please bring it with you to class.

If you do not own a yoga mat you are welcome to rent one for the duration of class. There is a $2 service fee for yoga mat rental and maintenance. A number of the rental mats are the same brand as the ones recommended and sold by Paradigm Yoga so that you are welcome to 'try before you buy'. 

Mats are available to purchase from Paradigm Yoga and in many stores and online. All mats are not created equally and some are better for some styles of yoga than others. We carry a great quality mat that will provide grip and comfort which is available to borrow or new to purchase.

Your instructor will be happy to discuss the different types to help you choose the right mat for you and your practice. 

Any other props that may be needed to assist you in your practice such as blocks, straps and bolsters are all provided by Paradigm Yoga for the duration of the class, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

We stock a range of products for sale to support your practice. These are not available on the website due to their size/weight and shipping cost.

We recommend avoiding very large or heavy meals before practicing yoga, especially within the two hours before class. 

Wear comfortable but lightly fitted clothes that you can move freely in. You do not want something too loose that you need to pull up during movements or pull down during a forward fold.

No. People from all different religious backgrounds practice with us. Nothing we teach approaches any religious teachings, and there is no iconography or alter in the studio.

At the end of your class, your instructor will bow their head, as if in prayer, bring their hands together in front of their heart and say 'namaste'. Translated as 'I bow to you', this is a sign of gratitude and respect from teacher to student. Students will respond by doing the same, though it is not mandatory if you are not comfortable making the gesture. 

The classes offered by Paradigm Yoga are not hot yoga classes (where the room is set to 104F and a set percentage humidity), though you may still work up a bit of a sweat during the class!

There are many different classes available at Paradigm Yoga. Please call us on 409-698-6335 or email to discuss which class is right for you. 

For in-studio attendance no reservations are required. If you would like to practice with us live on zoom, please sign up on the schedule to receive log in details prior to class.

We really recommend attending yoga classes in the studio whenever possible as you will receive the energetic benefit of enjoying your practice with other yogis, become part of the community, and be able to receive personalised instruction and recommendations from the instructor during class. When possible, please join us in the studio in Jasper. 

We understand that getting into the studio isn't always possible, whether you live too far away, or have commitments that require you to be closer to home (or if you just like to roll out of bed and practice yoga in your PJs!), so we provide live streamed access to the classes in the studio. Live stream classes show the instructor only and are broadcast via zoom. Please sign up on the schedule to receive login details prior to class. While we do our best to give alignment feedback, due to restrictions of screen size and camera setup, sometimes less personal guidance can be offered to at home yogis.