Are you new to Yoga? Whether you are a regular home yogi or this is the first time you've ever stepped on a mat, we're excited to have you join us!

We understand that going to your first yoga class can feel daunting but we're here to make it a great experience. Yoga is not about how flexible or strong you are, it's about connecting to your current ability and honoring that place.

Paradigm Yoga prides itself in providing a comfortable, caring and non competitive environment in which to practice and grow.

We have many different class styles on offer. If you would like to chat about which one is right for you please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help. 

What to expect at your first yoga class: 

When you arrive in the studio you will be greeted by the instructor (Shona) who will show you where you can leave your personal items and sign you in. We will get you settled into the practice space with any props that may be needed for the session. 

As the class begins you will be guided through poses verbally as well as having visual reference from the instructor. In some sessions the group may hold a pose and be given options to advance or modify the posture to make it more challening or a deeper expression. When these opportunities arise you will be guided by the instructor to listen to your body; you can remain in the first expression or advance if you feel ready.  

If at any point you feel like you need a break, move into childs pose (or any other comfortable seated or reclining position) and breathe (childs pose is a restorative pose shown at the beginning of class where you kneel on the floor, sit your hips back onto your heels and rest your forehead on your mat). When you feel ready to get going again, join back in with the class. 

At the end of class we will move into śavāsana (a few minutes of relaxation). The first time you go to a class this may feel unusual, but it really is wonderful if you let it be. Enjoy the relaxation that you have earned and trust your instructor, they will guide you into relaxation and gently out again when the class is drawing to a close. 

Some classes have an extended relaxation followed by pranayama (breathing) and short meditation practice. You will be guided througout these elements of the practice. While stillness can be a challenge and can feel unusual in a fast paced life, after a few sessions you may find that you look forward to this part the most!  

Here are some tips to get you started:

Introduce yourself to the instructor when you arrive and let them know it's your first class. They will be happy to show you where everything is and how to get started. 

Wear comfortable, fitted workout clothing. 

Bring a bottle of water.

Ideally do not eat any large meals within 2 hours of the class.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one. If you do not have a yoga mat, one can be bought or rented from Paradigm Yoga. (There is a $2 service fee per class for yoga mat rental and maintenance.) 

Yoga is practiced barefoot, please take off your shoes on the way into class and leave them in the entrance.

Head over to the FAQ page for more useful information!