Yoga for Flexibility

You do not already need to be flexible to do this class; this class is designed to increase flexibility, range of motion and focus starting at wherever you are right now. Accompanied by soft music, the steady pace of this class can be a welcome contrast to the hectic pace of every day life.

This calming evening session is the perfect time to stretch and unwind from desk work and driving, and can be especially beneficial for anyone involved in physical pursuits such as crossfit, bootcamp, weight lifting, cycling, walking, golf and martial arts. The quieter nature of this session helps yogis to connect to higher levels of focus and concentration that are beneficial both on and off the mat.

Increasing flexibility can help to reduce the risk of injury and can have a positive impact in your every day life. This sweet and steady paced class is also designed to increase focus which can benefit practitioners in many areas of life, from being present with friends and family, to cultivating focus and calm during presentations and competitions.

What to expect:

The sweet and steady pace of this class makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis; modifications will be offered to suit your current level of flexibility.
This class will begin with warm up poses and sun salutations before moving into flexibility focused sequences and long holds effective for deep stretching. The session concludes with a guided relaxation, breathing and meditation practice.


Gentle & Beginner Yoga

A practice suitable for beginners, seniors and regularly practicing yogis looking for a change of pace; this 60 minute morning practice is a great way to start your weekend!
This yoga session is designed to stretch areas of the body that are most commonly affected by stiffness and tension (neck and shoulders, legs and hips). Poses are included to help build strength and improve balance.
This is a sweet and steady practice suitable for all!

What to expect:

Expect a gentle pace of practice with plenty of pose modifications to suit your current ability.
The session begins with seated poses before moving into a standing series, followed by reclining postures. Chair assisted variations available if required. Our practice ends with savasana (yogic relaxation) and a guided meditation.


Yin Yoga

Yin is a style of yoga in which poses are held for 3-5 minutes each in order to stretch the fascia and connective tissues in the body and to still and calm the mind. In order for the practice to be effective we look to find a gentle sensation of stretch in a position that is sustainable (so not 110% your fullest stretch ever!), then focus on breathing, relaxing and finding stillness in the body and mind.

After a pose, or set of poses we move into a 'rebound' pose which can be savasana (lying flat on back), lying on the front, childs pose or reclining hug. Rebound poses are usually held for 30 seconds up to 1 minute and are there to simply feel and experience the sensations that arise in the body as a result of releasing the long hold pose.

Due to the slower & stiller nature of this quiet, contemplative practice it is a wonderful counter to the fast pace of daily life.


What to bring/wear to classes

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely with semi fitted or fitted tops recommended for ladies (loose fitting t-shirts have a tendency to ride up overhead in inverted poses).
You may wish to bring a bottle of water and a hand towel.
Bring your yoga mat if you have one. Yoga mats can be rented from the studio ($2) and we have a great range of high quality mats for sale if you prefer to purchase your own.
Practice is bare foot or with yoga socks (available at the studio if desired)

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