Malas are a wonderful addition to your yoga and meditation practice and are designed to be both worn and used. As every piece is lovingly handmade, there are some general care guidelines that can help to prolong the life of your mala. 

It is customary not to put your mala on the floor either when practicing yoga, or when sleeping. If you are practicing yoga and your mala distracts you, you can place it at the top of your mat, or in it's carrying pouch. 

Please do not bathe, swim or sleep wearing your mala. 

Please do not use harsh chemicals on your gemstone or wooden beads. 

Semi precious gemstones must be treated with care as they can crack or break under force. Should you wish to clean your mala, they can be gently rubbed with a glass cleaning or microfiber cloth. 

Please note that application of essential oils directly to your stretch mala or bracelets may shorten their lifespans as oils can break down the materials used to string them. 


Energetic Cleansing Of Your Mala 

Malas are made of gemstones, nuts or wood, many of which have energetic qualitites to enhance your meditation practice and to help bring those energies into your daily life. Your mala has been made with love and positive energy, and the stones cleansed prior to knotting so it is ready to wear as soon as you receive it.

If used in conjunction with mantras or affirmation practices you may feel the energy of your mala increasing over time, however sometimes the energy can feel 'off'. This can be a result of other peoples energy around you, or your own energy such as having a difficult few days or period of time. You may prefer for others not to touch your mala as their personal energy can also affect your gemstones.

If you wish to 'reset' the energy of your mala there are many ways this can be done depending on your personal preferences such as smudging your mala with sage, laying your mala stones on selenite overnight, or (my favorite) resetting the vibration of your stone using singing bowls or tingsha bells.



With regular use, over time the elastic or string of your mala may wear and eventually break. If a mala ever breaks, it is a symbol that you have made a breakthrough in your practice and outgrown the intention associated with that particular piece. This is both a good thing, but also can be a sad time losing a piece you love and being without a mala for a few days. I am happy to re-string your mala if you wish; there is a restring fee that will vary depending on if the mala was knotted, if a new tassel needs to be made, and if replacement gemstones are required.

Alternatively this may be a good opportunity to reassess, set new intentions in what you would like to manifest and to move forward with a new mala.