STUDIO CLOSED 28th September - 2nd October. Free pre-recorded classes available. Open this event for links!

On September 30,

Click on the links below to practice anytime with these free Paradigm Yoga Youtube classes! More classes are available on the channel so feel free to browse and pick one that suits what you need today. Please also subscribe and check the bell icon for notifications


60 Minute Chair Yoga Class (no floor poses)  Regularly practicing chair yogis: if you usually get on the floor at the end for final stretches, you know how to do them! Feel free to modify this practice and do it as you would in the studio

Chair Yoga for Leg Strength & Balance

20 Minute Energizing Chair Yoga

20 Minute Morning Class

10 Minute Neck & Shoulder Stretch

Easy on The Arms (25 Minute, no overhead arm movements)

5 Minute Meditation



Full Length (60 minute) Gentle Yoga Class  (Chair yogis who are comfortable getting up and down from the floor might also enjoy this class!)

20 Minute Morning Stretch

20 Minute Gentle Morning

30 Minute Gentle Yoga Class



Full length (75 minute) Beginner Friendly Flow for strength & balance

Full length (75 minute) Beginner+ to Intermediate Flow for strength, flexibility & balance

Flow to Crow (30 minute)

Twist & Balance (30 minute)

20 Minute Morning Yoga



Yoga for Tight Quads & Psoas (20 Minute)

Yoga for Tight Low Back & Hips (30 Minute)

Yoga for Tight Shoulders (20 Minute)

Stretch Away The Day (35 Minute)

30 Minute Leg Stretch



(I don't offer as many strengthening classes on YouTube, but these two are a good way to keep moving this week!)

30 Minute Flow To Crow

10 Minute Core Strengthening



If you usually come to flow, gentle, flexiblity or chair yoga, why not check out something totally different!

Restorative Yoga for Neck, Back & Shoulders (40 minutes)

Restorative Yoga with a Bolster (35 minute)



Meditation to reset your energy (10 minute for when you feel a bit blah and need to reset!)

60 Minute Body Scan for Deep Sleep

5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

20 Minute Power Nap